Largest board game, Ludo
Offenburg University
11.20/11.20 dimension(s)
Germany (Offenburg)

The largest Ludo board game measured 11.20 m (36 ft 8.9 in) long and 11.20 m (36 ft 8.9 in) wide and was achieved by Offenburg University (Germany), in Offenburg, Germany, on 25 May 2019.

The record was achieved by a group of six Project Management students from Offenburg University. The attempt was actually set as a task by their professor as part of their course!

Breaking a record is no easy feat, however. Balancing this alongside other university work is tricky. The students had a timeline of one month, which included a relatively short planning phase, but a large realisation phase.

As part of the attempt, the game had to be played like a normal, smaller Ludo game. The students had planned for this to take place outside, however due to the bad weather, a quick change of plan was needed to move the attempt indoors.

Despite this minor obstacle, the students were successful in their attempt and managed to pull together to achieve a Guinness World Records title.