Fastest time to deal a deck of cards
Travis Stich
15.35 seconds second(s)
United States (Forest Lake)

The fastest time to deal a deck of cards is 15.35 seconds, and was achieved by Travis Stich (USA) in Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA, on 27 January 2022.

Travis has always wanted to be a Guinness World Records title holder since he was a child and had read through the books in school. A couple of years ago, his children encouraged him to pick up a new hobby, and so he thought he could work on achieving some records.

He discovered that he had the skill to potentially achieve this record after a few years as a professional poker dealer. He used the same mechanics for the record as he does for dealing poker. Travis enthusiastically explains "I choose to go for this record because I thought it would be a fun record to work towards as a poker dealer. A poker dealer should have this record!"

Travis has previously achieved the record for largest stack of casino chips. He is currently planning to attempt the longest marathon poker dealing as well as other attempts related to playing cards, casino chips and poker.

He explains that "This record means quite a bit to me, because it directly relates to my job as professional poker dealer. Hopefully the person that breaks my record will also be a poker dealer!"