Loudest burp (male)
Neville Sharp
112.4 decibel(s) (C-weighted)
Australia (Darwin)

The loudest burp (male) is 112.4 db and was achieved by Neville Sharp (Australia), in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, on 29 July 2021.

Neville was taught how to burp at 6 years old by his older sister, Sandie (nee Sharp) Hunt and he has been practicing ever since. After 45 years of preparation, he had the idea of challenging himself to attempt this Guinness World Records title.

He began preparing for this attempt over 5 years ago with the help of his wife (KP) who has been a great coach to him. One of the biggest obstacles he encountered was being able to find all the correct equipment for the attempt.

When expressing his reasons for wanting to achieve this record, Neville jokingly says "My reason for attempting to break this record was to be a world record holder. The secondary reason was because the world record has been held by an Englishman for over 10 years."