Most siblings to reach the age of 100
James Clarke, Margaret Fanning, Patrick Clarke, Charles Clarke, Joseph Clarke, Sheila Burns
6 people
Ireland (Loughrea)

The most siblings to reach the age of 100 is 6 and was achieved by the Clarke siblings: Joseph, Charles, Patrick and James Clarke and their sisters Margaret Fanning and Sheila Burns (both née Clarke, all Ireland), who were all born to Charles and Margaret Clarke of Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland. This was achieved on Sheila's 100th birthday on 7 January 2017.

Margaret Clarke, the mother of the five siblings, also reached 100 years old.

Sadly, Joseph (b. 1 January 1901), Charles (b. 8 July 1902), Patrick (b. 22 August 1903), James (b. 23 July 1906) and Margaret (30 May 1914) have all now passed away.