Largest collection of soft drink cans - same brand
Christian Cavaletti
12,402 total number
Italy (Alba Adriatica)

The largest collection of soft drink cans - same brand is 12,402 items, and was achieved by Christian Cavaletti (Italy) in Alba Adriatica, Teramo, Italy, on 19 March 2022.

Christian's collection consists entirely of Pepsi cans. He initially started collecting Pepsi cans in 1989 with his brother and the two of them became known as the Pepsi twins on the collectors circuit. Since Christian discovered the Internet in 1996, he became more serious and began trading with other collectors. Nowadays, he has trading partners around the world in the USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia, to name but a few. One of the most memorable cans in his collection was number one thousand which was a limited edition space themed can dating from the 1980s, for sale in the USA. Christian belongs to the two largest collectors clubs which are the the NPCC (National Pop Can Collectors) and the PCCC (Pepsi-Cola Collectors Club). His collection contains cans from 81 different countries.