Most frequent clapper
Vanna White
3721446 total number
United States ()
It has been estimated that, as of 9 February 2015, Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White (USA) has clapped 3,721,446 times during 32 seasons of the popular TV gameshow. Vanna has appeared in all but 10 of the 6,151 episodes in the current syndicated version since 19 September 1983, and has clapped on average 606 times per show. This figure is an underestimate based solely on the current syndicated format of the show. Vanna actually made her first appearance alongside two other hostesses in the NBC network show in 1982, and became the regular and only hostess in the daytime, network format on 13 December 1982. During her career on the show, Vanna also recorded episodes for network television (NBC and CBS), in total appearing in an additional 2,057 episodes up to 20 September 1991.