Most beer steins carried over 40 m (male)

Most beer steins carried over 40 m (male)
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Michael Sturm
26 total number
Brazil (São Paulo)
27 September 2017

The most beer steins carried over 40 m by a male is 26 and was achieved by Michael Sturm (Germany) at the Oktoberfest Brahma Extra São Paulo, in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, on 27 September 2017.

Michael Sturm tried to carry 28 beer steins on his first attempt, but unfortunately he was not able to complete the 40 m course.

The record to beat was 25 beer steins, so for his second attempt he decided to carry 26 beer steins and successfully completed the 40 metres course spilling just a small amount of beer. He finished the attempt with 98.33% of the weight at the start.