Oldest doctor (male)
Howard Tucker
98 years and 231 days old year(s):day(s)
United States (Cleveland)

The oldest practising doctor is Howard Tucker (USA, b. 10 July 1922) who is 98 years 231 days old, as verified in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on 26 February 2021.

Howard was inspired to apply for this record title after reading the obituary of a barber which reported him to be the oldest practicing barber, he was inspired because Howard was in the same age group. Howard's grandson made the initial inquiries and determined he was eligible for this title. 'It would be another milestone in my professional life and would probably be the crowning achievement.'

While reflecting on the challenges that Howard faced throughout his career: "Mercifully, I have had no significant challenges. I did go to law school while practicing full time. I was in my 60s and passed the Ohio State Law Bar at age 67. It is possible I am the oldest person to pass the bar. I never investigated but read an obituary which stated the deceased was the oldest one to pass the Ohio State Bar. He was 62 years old."

'Heredity and family history of longevity is a healthy start. However, it must be supported by moderation of nutrition, alcohol, and happiness. My happiness stems from a remarkable wife and four children (all college graduates and professionals, three attorneys and one physician). Lastly, I carry with me no hate for any ethnic group, religious affiliation, or race. Also of importance is happiness in my work. I have been practicing medicine for 74 years and still become excited when seeing a patient with a diagnostic problem I had never seen before or seeing a patient with a problem I have not encountered in 20-50 years.'

Howard's average work day during the week is from 9AM until 6PM. Weekends vary. Howard alternates with another physician and some weekends are busy while others are more relaxing.

'I would tell my teenage self to learn each day as if I were to live forever, and to live each day as if I were to die tomorrow. I would regard this Guinness World Records title as a singular honor and would look upon it as another achievement in a long, satisfying and happy life.