Most siblings to celebrate diamond wedding anniversaries  (60 years)
Nancy O’Connor, David Woodyard, Elaine Lehr, Donna Isner, Janice Stemple, Carol Stockett
60/61/62/62/65/69 total number
United States (Tallmadge)

Clair and Lula Woodyard (USA) had nine children, six of whom celebrated diamond anniversaries. Nancy Lou (Woodyard) and Jeremiah Richard O'Connor were married for 65 years, Paul David Woodyard and Eva Jo (Chester) were married for 69 years, Ruth Elaine (Woodyard) and Harry James Lehr were married for 61 years, Donna Jean (Woodyard) and Carl Norman Isner were married for 62 years, Janice Ann (Woodyard) and Thomas Lee Stemple were married for 62 years, and Carol Faye (Woodyard) and Arthur Wayne Stockett were married for 60 years. The achievement was verified on 15 June 2020.

6 out of 9 children of Clair and Lula Woodyard have been married for 60+ years, celebrating their diamond wedding anniversaries.