Longest toenails
Louise Hollis
220.98 centimetre(s)
United States ()

Since 1982, Louise Hollis (USA) has been growing her toenails to exceedingly great lengths. When measured at their longest in 1991 the combined length of all ten toenails was 220.98 cm (87 in).

Hollis, from Compton, California, USA was inspired to grow her toenails in 1982 after seeing a television programme featuring the longest fingernails.

The mother of 12 keeps all of her broken toenails.

She rarely wears shoes, but when she does, they must be open-toed and have at least 7.62 cm (3 in) thick soles to prevent her nails from dragging on the ground.

Currently her toenails are each approximately 15.24 cm (6 in) long.