Farthest distance swum in 24 hours in a counter current pool (male)
Pablo Fernández
104.3 kilometre(s)
Spain (Madrid)

The farthest distance swam in 24 hours in a counter-current pool (male) is 104.3 kilometres, and was achieved by Pablo Fernández (Spain), in Madrid, Spain, between 19-20 April 2023.

Pablo Fernández is a Spanish swimmer and entrepreneur, who has already set five GWR titles, including the longest continuous swim in a counter-current pool (male) and the farthest distance swam in 24 hours in open water (male). In addition to his sporting achievements, Pablo is also the founder of several companies, including Clicollege, which aims to provide educational resources and workshops to young people in Madrid and promote their entrepreneurial spirit.

His attempt started at 11 am on Wednesday 19 April and finished at 11 am on Thursday 20 April.