Most remote lake lighthouse
Stannard Rock Lighthouse
39 kilometre(s)
United States ()

The most remote lighthouse in a lake is the Stannard Rock Lighthouse (47.2° N, -87.2° W) in Lake Superior, Michigan, USA, which lies approximately 39 kilometres (24 miles) from the nearest land – Keweenaw Point – and around 70 kilometres (44 miles) away from the nearest city, Marquette. Completed in 1883, it was constructed to warn boats of the shallow Stannard Rock Reef.

This also makes Stannard Rock Lighthouse the farthest lighthouse from shore of any traditional, formally staffed lighthouse (i.e., not beacons) in the USA, hence why it was sometimes referred to as the "Loneliest Place in North America". The lighthouse was automated in 1962 but is still maintained by the United States Coast Guard.

The dangerously shallow reef was first discovered in 1835 by navigator Captain Charles C Stannard. A temporary beacon was positioned over the reef in 1866. Work on the lighthouse began in 1877 following the successful construction of the similarly remote Spectacle Reef Light on neighbouring Lake Huron. The Stannard Rock Lighthouse lantern, visible for 33 km (18 nautical miles; 21 mi), was first lit on 4 July 1882, with final works on the building completed the following year.

Stannard Rock Lighthouse stands 23.8 m (78 ft) tall but the focal plane of its light is 31 m (102 ft) owing to the fact that the tower sits on a raised concrete crib built onto the reef. Over the course of its five-year construction, the structure would require126 tons (114 tonnes) of iron, 76 tons (69 tonnes) of brick, 1,270 tons (1,152 tonnes) of stone and 7,276 tons (6,600 tonnes) of concrete.