Largest collection of Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia
Curt Herrman
1,110 total number
United States (Manhattan)

The largest collection of Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia is 1,110 items, and was achieved by Curt Herrman (USA), in Manhattan, Kansas, USA, on 23 August 2022.

Curt began building the “Chiefseum,” when he was eight-years old. He received a Chiefs football that year on his birthday and since then, his friends and family have given him Chiefs memorabilia for every Christmas and birthday.

The collection covers just about every wall and fills just about every shelf in the basement of his home. Among the more valuable items in the collection is an old Christmas card signed by, among others, Lamar Hunt, former Chiefs owner and co-founder of the American Football League (now known as the American Football Conference).

Curt's collection contains no duplicates. If he receives a duplicate of an item he already owns, he gives it to a friend to help grow their collection.