Fastest snail racing
Carl Bramham
United Kingdom ()

The annual World Snail Racing Championships held in July at Congham, Norfolk, UK is conducted on a 33-cm (13-in) circular course, outside St Andrews Church. The runners race from the centre to the perimeter. Some race several times as they are divided into heats to cater for the 150 snail competitors who enter every year. The all-time record holder is a snail named Archie, trained by Carl Bramham (UK), who sprinted to the winning post in 2 min 00 sec in 1995. Apparently, like all great racing champions, he was sent to stud in a cabbage patch.

The 2000 World Champion was a snail called Eddie Irvine owned by Thomas Vincent who completed the race in 4 min 4 sec.

The World Snail Racing Championships have been held every year since 1970.