Tallest cantilevered building
Central Park Tower, Extell Development Company
472.4 metre(s)
United States (New York)

The tallest cantilevered building is the Central Park Tower, located in New York City, USA. This 472.4-m (1,550-ft) residential skyscraper has a cantilevered section that extends 8.5 m (228 ft) from the eastern side of tower, adding 250 m^2 (2,700 sq ft) to each floor above 88 m (290 ft). This cantilever section reduces in size proportionally as the tower tapers towards the top. The tower is owned by the Extell Development Company (USA) and was topped out 16 October 2019.

The Central Park Tower's cantilever was made possible by Extell's purchase of "air rights" from the Art Students League, whose 19th-century headquarters, the American Fine Arts Building, occupies a neighbouring plot of land. This allowed them to build out and over the American Fine Arts Building.

This style of building has emerged as a consequence of sky-high real-estate values, which make it commercially viable to build slim residential towers on small, awkwardly shaped lots. In order to recoup the costs of construction on a tower like this the apartments have to sell for thousands of dollars per square foot (apartments in the Central Park Tower are reportedly selling for more than $7,000 per square foot, which is more than three times the average for Manhattan – and that's already the highest-priced real estate in America).