Largest LED stage
Pixomondo and William F. White International Inc.
22,000 square foot (feet);square inch(es)
Canada (Vancouver)

The Pixomondo and William F White International Inc. stage in Vancouver, Canada, is 24.3 m wide and 8.3-m-tall (80 ft x 27 ft 6 in), covering an area of 2,044 m² (22,000 sq ft). The near-circular (310°) studio is lined with 2,500 LED wall panels and 760 LED ceiling panel, giving a total coverage of 720 m² (7,750 sq ft).

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are light sources that can be densely packed together on walls or ceilings to show video images and footage such as landscapes and sets. "LED volumes" such as the one at Pixomondo are used to film virtual productions using real-time-rendered imagery, resulting in scenes that can be recorded in-camera. Dynamic photo-real imagery combines with physical props to create visual effects without the need for greenscreens. This real-time technology allows actors to see and interact with their environment, even when the camera moves position, and also to be lit correctly for their location.

Among the productions filmed at the Pixomondo and William F White International stage is the upcoming live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nickelodeon/Netflix, 2022).