First female to complete the Peak to Pond Challenge
Anna Brown
25.3 miles first
United Kingdom (Dover)

The first female to complete the Peak to Pond Challenge is Anna Brown (Andorra), who climbed Mount Everest on 22 May 2018 and swam the English Channel on 16 September 2021.

Since Anna received her first Guinness World Records book at 6 years old she has been fascinated with all the record titles that have been recorded and all the stories behind these achievements.

Anna never really thought to apply for a record but after climbing Everest in 2018, she was looking for another challenge and realized it was time to fulfil her lifelong dream of swimming the English Channel. Anna was unsure that an Everest and English Channel combination had been completed before and soon became aware of the Peak to Pond Challenge. This feat has been achieved by 12 men, and now Anna is the first woman to achieve this challenge.