Smallest 3D-printed billboard
Kao Commercial (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd
China (Shanghai)

The smallest 3D-printed billboard is 1.424 square millimetres (0.002 square inches), and was achieved by Kao Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China), in Shanghai, China, as verified on 30 December 2021.

The 3-D printed billboard measures 1.439 mm (0.056 in) x 0.989 mm (0.038 in).

Kao Magiclean’s new Kitchen Cleaner has attempted this record to highlight the effectiveness of their cleaning product which eliminates grease and kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces.

The company decided to launch a marketing campaign to advertise their product and created a series of microscopic billboards whose content - similarly to the germs - is invisible to the human eye and only becomes visible through microscopes. The tiny billboards were produced in partnership with BMF, a global micro-printing expert.