Largest milkshake
The Comfort Diners, Parmalat USA, American Dairy Assoc. & Dairy Council, Inc.
22712.47 litre(s)
United States ()

The Comfort Diners, Parmalat USA, and the American Dairy Association made the world's largest milkshake with a volume of 22,712.47 litres (6,000 US gal.) in New York, USA on 1 August 2000.

The record-breaking milkshake was made to mark The Comfort Diners' Fourth Annual August Milkshake Celebration in 2000. During the annual month-long festival a different flavor milkshake is offered every day at both of The Comfort Diners' restaurants in New York.

The holders of this record chose to make a Black and White Shake - vanilla with chocolate syrup - as it is a classic New York flavor. The 6,000-gallon shake, comprising 4,270 US gal / 16,163.70l. milk, 1,526 gal. / 5,776.53l. vanilla ice cream, 67 gal. / 253.62l. chocolate syrup, 67 gal. / 253.62l. pure vanilla, 70 gal. / 264.97l. natural flavor, was the equivalent of 50,000 normal-sized shakes.

The Parmalat milk tanker in which the shake was made was decorated to resemble a giant 50ft milkshake. The milk tanker was driven through Manhattan and free milkshakes were handed out to City Harvest affiliated charities.