Tallest crochet sculpture (supported)
23.50 metre(s)
Spain ()

The tallest crochet sculpture (supported) measures 23.50 m (77 ft 1.2 in) and was achieved by Ajuntament de Vilamarxant (Spain) in Vilamarxant, Valencia, Spain, on 5 January 2024.

Like the previous record holder, the town created a giant crochet Christmas tree, which became the centerpiece of the town's main plaza during the festive season - Christmas and Reyes Magos. This record was a massive community effort, led by the municipality of Vilamarxant in collaboration with Molcaworld, a communication agency. 120 women participated in the crochet work, with more than 200 individuals contributing to the overall creation. The project began in early March 2023 and took nearly 9 months to complete. The tree is made of over ten thousand crochet squares. The colours chosen reflect the Christmas spirit (red and green) and the colours of the Valencia province - the orange and yellow of citrus fruits and the blue of the Mediterranean sea. Made from 100% wool with a supporting structure of black iron, this project not only continued the town’s tradition of crochet but also turned the town of Vilamarxant into a tourist attraction for the festive season.