Farthest eyeball pop (male)
Sidney de Carvalho Mesquita (aka Tio Chico Brasil)
18.2 millimetre(s)
Brazil (São Paulo)

The farthest eyeball pop (male) is 18.2 mm (0.71 in), and was achieved by Sidney de Carvalho Mesquita (aka Tio Chico Brasil) (Brazil), in São Paulo, Brazil, as verified on 10 January 2022.

Sidney - who also goes by the name Tio Chico Addams - discovered his unique talent around the age of 9. As a child he liked pulling funny faces and one day realised he could pop his eyes out much further than others.

He lives a busy life, currently working in the videogame industry, while also as a drummer and DJ. Alongside this, he sometimes cosplays as Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, and has a small hamburger delivery company called ‘Tio Chico's Burger’. Outside of his music, Sidney’s other hobbies are travelling with family and online gaming.

He describes the sensation of popping his eyeballs as “surreal” and like “letting go of some part of my body.” For the first few seconds he loses the ability to see clearly before the eyes re-focus. He can usually hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds. To date he has never met anybody else who can perform the trick.

He has found that children and young adults often love the trick; while older people are sometimes more afraid or disgusted by it. Some have even fainted!

On achieving a Guinness World Records title, he commented “I have no words to describe so much happiness. A dream come true means opening doors for my work to be even more recognised, and I hope to make the most of this great opportunity to be part of the Guinness World Records family.”