Lightest person
Lucia Xarate
Lucia Xarate (Mexico) (1863–89) of San Carlos, Mexico, an emaciated ateleiotic dwarf of 67 cm (26.8 in), who weighed 1.1 kg (2.8lb) at birth, weighed only 2.13 kg (4.7 lb) at the age of 17. She fattened up to 5.9 kg (13lb) by her 20th birthday. The lightest recorded adults of normal height are those suffering from Simmond's Disease (Hypophyseal cachexia). Losses of upto 65% of the original body-weight have been recorded in females, with a 'low' of 20 kg (45 lb or 3 st 3 lb) in the case of Emma Shaller (USA) (b. St Louis, Missouri,  8 July 1868, d. 4 October1890), who stood 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in).