Youngest visual effects (VFX) artist (male)
Ty Robert Robillard
17:108 year(s):day(s)
United States (Waltham)

The youngest visual effects (VFX) artist is 17 years 108 days, and was achieved by Ty Robert Robillard (USA) in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, on 12 June 2020.

Ty (aka Lighthouse Productions) is so proud to have gotten this far in his career at such an early age. He is excited to have had the opportunity to complete visual effects work as a VFX artist on a music video with the award winning director Matt Alonzo.

He realised very early on in life that he was born to work within the film/VSFX industry and has dedicated himself to becoming the best that he can. Ty explains that a lot of his passion comes the movie Star Wars as it was something that he grew up with and it helped him learn a lot of life lessons. He says "The message behind the force has always held a strong grip on my heart. Star Wars provided me with fantastic entertainment all my life but also great inspiration. I have always wanted to end up being part of a team that helps create films like these in hopes of intriguing a child the same way Star Wars intrigued me".

Ty hopes to leave behind a legacy by having his name in the credits of a TV series or film. He has already had his name on a few music videos, a television series on NBCS Boston, an IMDb page and a news publication and he is confident that this is just the start.