Most remote human-made object
Voyager 1
23836000000 kilometre(s)
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On October 20, 2022 the most remote human-made object was Voyager 1, at a distance of 157.961 AU (23.631 billion kilometers). This is far beyond the planets, even far beyond edge of the Kuiper belt. On this date, Earth was moving away from Voyager 1 on its annual trek around the Sun. The two will reach a maximum separation on 20 Jan 2023 of 159.336 AU (23.836 billion kilometers). In the beginning of each Earth year, the distance between Earth and Voyager 1 actually decreases as Earth speeds around the Sun toward Voyager 1. From 20 January to 20 April 2023, the separation between the two will decrease before beginning to creep apart again. Assuming the spacecraft survives, the next maximum separation will be 162.898 AU (24.369 billion kilometers) on 20 Jan 2024.