Largest jail break
Iran ()

On 11 February 1979 an Iranian employee of the Electronic Data Systems Corporation led a mob into Ghasr prison, Tehran, Iran in an effort to rescue two Americans colleagues. Some 11,000 other prisoners took advantage of this and the Islamic revolution in what became historys largest-ever jail break.

Although it was the Iranian whose actions actually made the jail break possible, the plan to get the Americans out was masterminded by H. Ross Perot, their employer. Over 10 years later he was to make the news again when he stood for US president in 1992.

In September 1971 Raúl Sendic and 105 other Tupamaro guerillas, plus five non-political prisoners, escaped from a Uruguayan prison through a tunnel 91m 298ft long.

The greatest gaol break in the UK was that from the Maze Prison, Belfast on 25 Sep 1983, when 38 IRA prisoners escaped from Block H-7.