Longest pizza alla pala
Asso Pala Pizza
38.47 metre(s)
Italy (Rivarolo, Italy)

The longest pizza alla pala measured 38.47 metres (126ft 21in) and was achieved by Asso Pala Pizza (Italy), in Rivarolo Canavese, Torino, Italy, on 05 September 2021

The pizza alla pala corresponds to a completely different rectangular pizza, both in terms of dough and for cooking, from the traditional Neapolitan pizza. It is widespread in Rome and Lazio. The dough is spread on a wooden or metal shovel (hence the name) and cooked a first time on a refractory stone at 280 ° C, instead of the 485 ° C required for pizza traditional. After a first passage in the oven, the pizza is extracted and seasoned as desired before a second passage in the oven to finish cooking. The topping is added while the pizza is on the shovel. The dough is highly hydrated (75% water, 25% flour) and leavened for up to 48 hours.