First antipodal circumnavigation by helicopter
Peter Wilson, Matthew Gallagher
7 August 2017 first
United Kingdom ()

The first helicopter flight around the world passing through antipodal points was piloted by Peter Wilson and Matthew Gallagher (both UK), who flew in a Robinson R66 from Wycombe Air Park in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK, eastbound through the antipodes of Palembang in Indonesia and Neiva in Colombia between 8 April and 7 August 2017. The circumnavigation was verified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Wilson and Gallagher travelled 32,000 nautical miles through 42 countries in 121 days, landing at the twinned cities of Palembang in Indonesia and Neiva in Colombia on opposite sides of Earth in order to make the first fully antipodal circumnavigation by helicopter. Their VFR (visual flight rules) trip was made to promote "a better planet through sustainable development" and to raise funds for Save the Children and Motivation International.

The round-the-world trip was the second part of Wilson's Three Journeys Round long-range helicopter project to circumnavigate Africa (2016), the world (2017) and South America (2018/19).