Tallest living actor (male)

Tallest living actor (male)
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Paul Sturgess
231.8 centimetre(s)
United Kingdom
08 November 2018

The tallest professional actor living is Paul Sturgess (UK), who stood 231.8 cm (7 ft 7.26 in) when measured in London, UK, on 14 November 2011. Among his screen credits are roles in Doctor Who (BBC, "It Takes You Away", series 11, episode 9, 2018) and the movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (UK/USA, 2018).

Sturgess, the UK's tallest living man, is a former Harlem Globetrottter (playing as "Tiny" Sturgess) and once held the record for being the world's tallest basketball player. He was measured by Guinness World Records as part of the celebrations for GWR Day 2011. In addition to his dramatic screen roles, he has also made appearances on The Jonathon Ross Show (ITV, 2018) and The Michael McIntyre Show (BBC, 2019); as of 2021, Sturgess was filming in New Zealand for a new drama series that has yet to be officially announced.