Most monthly listeners on Spotify (male)
Justin Bieber
86,179,721 total number
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Since September 2015, when Spotify first made its monthly listeners feature public, no act – male, female or group – has posted a higher tally than Canadian vocalist Justin Bieber, who had accrued 83,300,425 monthly listeners by 28 August 2021. One month later, on 28 September, this figure had risen to an unprecedented 86,179,721 as the “Peaches” superstar padded his lead over Ed Sheeran (74.4 million) and The Weeknd (70.4 million).

Bieber took the crown from Ariana Grande, who not only lost her status as the top-ranked musician, but has also since surrendered the female title to Dua Lipa (64,966,102 monthly listeners). As of 28 September 2021, Grande’s listener count had plummeted to 57,305,230.