Most winners in a day/consecutive, Jockey
The most winners ridden in one day is nine by Chris Antley (USA) on 31 October 1987. They consisted of four in the afternoon at Aqueduct, New York, USA and five in the evening at The Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA. The most winners ridden on one card is eight by six riders, most recently (and from fewest rides) by Patrick Day (USA) from nine rides at Arlington International, Illinois, USA on 13 September 1989. The longest winning streak is 12 by: Sir Gordon Richards (1904-86) (one race at Nottingham on 3 October, six out of six at Chepstow on 4 October and the first five races next day at Chepstow) in 1933; and by Pieter Stroebel at Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), 7 June-7 July 1958.