First woman to reach Earth's highest and lowest points
Vanessa O'Brien
12 June 2020 first
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The first woman to reach Earth's highest and lowest points is Vanessa O'Brien (UK/USA), who summitted Mount Everest on 19 May 2012 and reached the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench on 12 June 2020.

Vanessa Audi Rhys O’Brien is a Fellow of both the Royal Geographic Society and The Explorers Club, and a Member of the Scientific Exploration Society. She made her dive to the Challenger Deep with American adventurer Victor Vescovo, who, after a descent to the Challenger Deep on 28 April 2019, became the first person to have conquered the highest and lowest points on Earth. O'Brien's ascent of Everest in 2012 was the first stage in her successful attempt at becoming the fastest woman to climb the highest points on each continent, a feat that she achieved in a then-record-breaking time of 295 days.