Highest occupiable skybridge floor
Address Beach Residences
294.362 metre(s)
United Arab Emirates (dubai, --None--, United Arab Emirates)

The highest occupiable skybridge floor is 294.36 m (965.7 ft) and was achieved by the Address Beach Residences (UAE), in Dubai, UAE on 24 March 2021.

The Address Beach Residences is built on the very last land plot on Jumeirah Beach Walk within Dubai Marina.

The Address Beach Residences is part of a resort developed by Al Ain Holding which consists of 217 hotel rooms and suites, 443 serviced apartments, and 478 residential apartments.

The Address Beach Residences consists of two 77 storey, high-rise towers joined at their base from Level 1 to Level 13 and then again via a Skybridge structure from Level 63 to Level 77.

The Skybridge structure consists of a 13 storey structural steel bridge with upper and lower truss members that connect to the East and West towers via embedded steel connections.