Largest producer of chillies
18,535,308 tonne(s)/metric ton(s)
China ()

The country that grows the most chilli peppers is China, with an annual production volume of 18,535,308 tonnes (20.43 million tons) of fresh and dried chillies as of 2018, according to the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). This accounts for 45.2% of the global production of chillies.

China is significantly ahead of the next country, Mexico, which produced 3.44 million tonnes (3.79 million tons) in the same year. In third place is Turkey, with 2.56 million tonnes (2.82 million tons). The FAO estimates the global production of chillies to be 40.9 million tonnes (45.0 million tons) annually. By export value, however, the largest producer is Mexico, with $1.4 billion (£1.06 billion) of exports in 2019; China, by comparison, exported $97.3-million-worth (£74.1-million) of chillies in the same year.