Most times to visit the Challenger Deep by an individual
Victor Vescovo
8 total number
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To date, only 13 people have travelled to the Challenger Deep at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which at c. 10,935 m (35,876 ft) below the surface of the Pacific Ocean is the deepest-known point on Earth. Of those, only two have made the descent more than once. The most frequent visitor is retired US Navy officer and explorer Victor Vescovo (USA), who has been to the Challenger Deep eight times as of 26 June 2020. Across the eight dives, he has logged 23.67 hours at the bottom.

Vescovo made all his dives in the DSV Limiting Factor, a deep-sea submersible that he developed with Triton Submarines for his "Five Deeps Expedition", which took place in 2018–19. Vescovo is the first person to visit the deepest point in all five oceans as well as the first person to reach Earth's highest and lowest points, having scaled Mount Everest in 2010.

The data from the 2019 dives yielded an average depth of 10,925 m (35,843 ft) in the "Eastern Pool" depression of the Challenger Deep. But the further dives performed in June 2020 extended the maximum depth. Independent analysis of the latest data-set by expert hydrographers places the Eastern Pool at 10,935 m (35,876 ft), with a deviation of +/- 3 m at 1-sigma (68% probability) or +/- 6 m at 2-sigma (95% probability).

Vescovo is the fourth ever person to reach the Challenger Deep. The first were Captain Don Walsh (USA) and Jacques Piccard (Switzerland) in the Trieste bathyscaphe on 23 January 1960; the first solo descent was achieved by James Cameron (Canada) in Deepsea Challenger on 25 March 2012.

Victor's dives to the Challenger Deep took place on the following dates across two expeditions:

- 28 April 2019

- 2 May 2019

- 7 June 2020

- 12 June 2020

- 14 June 2020

- 19 June 2020

- 21 June 2020

- 26 June 2020

The Challenger Deep is located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 300 km (186 mi) southwest of Guam.

The only other person to have made multiple dives to the Challenger Deep to date is the builder of the Limiting Factor sub, Patrick Lahey (Canada), who made the descent twice in 2019 during the Five Deeps Expedition.