Smallest QR code
May Maung Zaw, Peiyuan Cao, Chee Leng Lay, Ray Guan Kit Ong
Singapore (Singapore)

The smallest QR code is 100 μm², and was achieved by Ray Guan Kit Ong, Chee Leng Lay (both Singapore), Peiyuan Cao (China) and May Maung Zaw (Myanmar) at the A*STAR's Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, in Singapore, on 20 July 2023.

Chee Leng and May Maung are research staff from the Institute of Materials Research & Engineering in Singapore, while Peiyuan and Ray Guan Kit are pre-university students from Raffles Institution and Anglo-Chinese Junior College in Singapore.

They are passionate about anti-counterfeiting research and hope that mini QR codes such as the one they created could be utilized for future anti-counterfeiting solutions for high data-density and data-security.

The QR code for their attempt was measured using a Scanning Electron Microscope.