Shortest firefighter (male)
Vince Brasco
124.4 centimetre(s)
United States (Greensburg)

The shortest firefighter is Vince Brasco (USA), who stands 127 cm (4 ft 2 in) tall and volunteers for his local fire station in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Known as "Mini Hulk", Brasco was born with achondroplasia - the most common form of dwarfism, which results in shortened limbs - and endured 15 major surgical operations throughout his childhood before turning to weightlifting and bodybuilding. He first volunteered as a junior firefighter in 2007 at the age of 15, and uses his short stature to his advantage. “With [vehicle] accidents, sometimes I can get into spaces where others can’t," says Brasco. "Same thing with house fires — I’ll get into little areas that others can’t.”

Brasco featured on TLC’s “My Little Life" series, which followed the lives of five people with dwarfism. He also volunteers at an animal shelter and holds the record for being the shortest competitive bodybuilder. Dave Price, captain of Greensburg Hose Company 3, said: "Somebody his size you’d think would have limitations, but for his size and strength and ability, he does everything we ask of him." Brasco's fire suit was custom made to fit his small frame.