Fastest time to set up a camp site (team of 2)
Duoduo Wang, Lester Liu
1:14 minute(s):second(s)
China (Shanghai)

The fastest time to set up a camp site (team of 2) is 74.48 seconds and was achieved by Duoduo Wang and Lester Liu (both China) in Shanghai, China, on 24 July 2020.

On July 24th, Decathlon Group held a live event at Oriental Pearl Radio & Television Tower, a distinct landmark in Shanghai. This attempt was one of the activities on this event and was live broadcast online. The two participants were both Decathlon staff and they have practiced for about two months to reach the minimum requirement of the attempt. At the beginning, they needed over 90 seconds to complete the record. The camping products used in the attempt were all products on sale in the Decathlon store.