Longest duration spinning 30 hoops simultaneously
Mariam Olayiwola
2:09.33 minute(s):second(s)
United Kingdom (London)

The longest duration spinning 30 hoops simultaneously is 2 min 9.33 sec, achieved by Mariam Olayiwola (UK), in London, UK, on 15 August 2021.

Mariam Olayiwola broke her own record of 35 seconds, which had stood since August 2020. She is part of a hoop troupe called Marawa's Majorettes, founded by multiple Guinness World Records title holder Marawa Ibrahim (Australia). The Majorettes have also previously achieved the record for most passes of a hula hoop by the feet in one minute (team of 8), with 26 in September 2017.

In attempting this record, Mariam wanted to demonstrate the strength and mental resilience required in the circus arts and particularly for all the strong women in circus arts.