Most followers on TikTok
Charlie D'Amelio
49,637,005 follower(s)
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The most followed individual on TikTok is Charli D'Amelio (USA), with 49,637,005 followers as of 20 April 2020, according to SocialTracker. D'Amelio made it to the TikTok top spot after just 10 months having joined the social network in summer 2019, when she began uploading short dance clips to the video-focused platform.

At the age of 15, D'Amelio became the most followed person on TikTok on 25 March 2020, overtaking American singer Loren Gray. As of 20 April 2020, Gray was the second-most followed person on TikTok with 42,378,667 fans, while in third place was Zach King (USA) on 41,386,005 followers (making him currently the most followed male).