Largest motorised K'NEX vehicle
William Rose
3.90 X 1.22 X 1.05 metre(s)
United Kingdom (Great Dunmow)

The largest motorised K'NEX vehicle is 3.90 m X 1.22 m X 1.05 m (12.73 ft X 4.00 ft X 3.44 ft), achieved by William Rose (UK) in Great Dunmow, Essex, UK, on 19 September 2020.

William loves K'NEX and set himself the challenge of building a large vehicle out of only K'NEX resembling a World War 1 Mark 1 tank. He hopes completing the project will help him get into college. The tank is powered by over 20 K'NEX motors and is capable of travelling over 5 metres (16 feet).