Most rotating puzzle cubes solved with the feet in one hour
Mohammed Aiman Koli
110 total number
India (Mumbai)

The most rotating puzzle cubes solved with the feet in one hour is 110 and was achieved by Mohammed Aiman Koli (India), in Mumbai, India, on 21 February 2020.

Mohammed has always been fascinated by Guinness World Records but it was in 2017, when he first started solving rotating puzzle cubes with his feet, that he saw his opportunity to achieve a record.

He would practice five to six times a week in preparation for World Cube Association (WCA) competitions. When he applied to break the record his training stepped up. He would practice continuous solving for 15 minutes, then 20, then 30, until he was comfortable with continuously solving for an hour. His mother provided assistance by scrambling the cubes to WCA standards. The training took it's toll. Even practising just three times a week left Mohammed with tired and painful legs.

During the actual attempt it wasn't just fatigue he had to contend with. A square from one of the cubes came out and another had one corner piece completely twisted (which would render it unsolvable). Both obstacles had to be remedied using only the feet which Mohammed managed to achieve.

After the attempt Mohammed was congratulated by the gathered crowd who had come to observe his attempt. It took 25 minutes rest until his legs felt normal again.

Mohammed would like to attempt another record in the future but wants it to be for something completely different. In the meantime he is happy to celebrate this one.

"I have dreamed of being a world record holder ever since I started this hobby. It would be a really great and satisfying feeling to finally be a Guinness World Records title holder."