Most northerly pop-up commercial internet broadcast
Europa Plus CJSC
78° 03' 43.5" N degree(s) decimal minutes
Norway (Barentsburg)

The most northerly pop-up commercial internet broadcast was conducted at 78°03'43.5" N, and was achieved by Europa Plus CJSC and SINTEC Lubricants (both Russian Federation), in Barentsburg, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Norway, on 7 February 2020.

The broadcast made in Russian was conducted from a transparent dome structure at 78°03'43.5"N; 14°13’07.5”E. A team of 25 from Moscow, comprising; three presenters, a news reader, producers, engineers, and support staff, set up the temporary radio station to transmit a 3 hour prime-time internet radio broadcast to an audience of 3 million listeners. The broadcast was first connected to Moscow before being streamed on to the internet and further transmitted using satellite.