Largest amber sculpture
Tomasz Ołdziejewski
1.532 x 0.154 x 0.367 metre(s)
Poland (Kąty Rybackie)

The largest amber sculpture measures 1.532 m x 0.154 m x 0.367 m (5 ft 0 in x 0 ft 6 in x 1 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Tomasz Ołdziejewski (Poland) in Kąty Rybackie, Poland, on 6 February 2020.

Tomasz's amber sculpture depicts the RMS Titanic, the passenger liner which infamously sank in 1912 after sailing into an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean.

"I have a fondness for the history of the tragedy" Tomasz explains, "especially after the movie", referring to the 1997 movie Titanic. He stated that with his sculpture, he wants to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in this tragic event.

The actual construction of the sculpture took over a month of continuous work and 12-14 hours each day, seven days a week. Not quite the 26 months it took to build the real RMS Titanic, but still certainly not an easy feat! Especially when scaling down the ship's hull. "It was just too big!" Tomasz explains. The sculpture also had to be made 100% of amber, with no frames or skeletons. Not only this, but the to build the sculpture cost approximately 10,000 GBP (that's around 12,000 USD and 11,000 EUR).

This is the largest project that Tomasz has ever undertaken, but he won't stop there. He has plans to build an even larger sculpture in the future!