Highest kneeling jump (male)
Tyler Lutz
70.16 centimetre(s)
United States (Ashland)

The highest kneeling jump (male) is 70.16 cm (27.62 in) and was achieved by Tyler Lutz (USA) in Ashland, Missouri, USA on 13 April 2021.

Growing up, Tyler would always read the latest edition of the Guinness World Records book and he knew one day that he would want to be in it. 'I discovered the skill a few months prior to applying. After seeing some people do it on social media I wanted to give it an attempt and it turned out that I had a talent for it, which is at that moment I decided I would want to set the record.' In preparation Tyler would focus on hip extension and speed off the ground and would train this skill roughly twice a week. To prevent injury Tyler would only jump onto soft surfaces until just before the event where Tyler did some practice jumps onto an immovable surface.

'The training was somewhat difficult although I did possess a natural talent for this record before hand. I did have some coaching to help me achieve a better overall jump which led me to increase my jump greatly over a few months from what it had been.'

Being a Guinness World Records holder would mean to Tyler that he has achieved what most haven’t. 'It means that all my hard work was worth it and it can help me inspire others to maybe one day achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title too someday.'