Longest barani flip bounce-pass relay for a forward flip slam dunk
Selyem Péter, Hiba Marcell, Rubinek Zsombor, Nyuli András, Rácz Máté, Lázár Péter, Lukács Vilmos, Simon Roland, Ribiánszky András, Waldinger Levente, Takács Áron, Huszár Bálint, Molnár Mátyás, Daghistani Kerim, Szabó Péter, Albert Dániel, Pálfi Gergely, Tóth Talán, Martsa Dénes, Hidász Barnabás, Hernádi Bence, Savanyó Mátyás, Malik Anna, Végh Vince, Czigány Panna, Mészáros Szófia, Szakolczai Botond, Roczkov Keve, Nagy Márk, Pálfi János, Böjtös Gergely, Vidács Levente, Farkas András, Lengyel Gergő, Cserháti Dániel
35 total number
Hungary (Budapest)

The longest barani flip bounce-pass relay for a forward flip slam dunk is 35 and was achieved by Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre (Hungary), in Budapest, Hungary, on 10 August 2020.

The members of Face Team are always aiming to be the best in acrobatic basketball and freestyle dunking/juggling. Their team name derives from the fact that each person in the team offers a different skillset, from basketball freestyle and juggling, to dancing and parkour - thus a team of different 'faces'.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sadly all of the team's performing contracts were postponed or terminated. Despite this, they aimed to make the most out of their extra time during this period, so they decided try and achieve a Guinness World Records title.

Despite their expertise, the team found this record challenging. Coordination between people for this particular attempt has to be exact. As well as this, fitting the whole attempt into the video footage proved tricky, and they had to actually postpone the attempt due to rain. However, the team praise their coaches and managers for helping them overcome these difficulties.

The team state that achieving a Guinness World Records title is a 'great privilege, moreover, a physical representation of years of hard work, endless practices, injuries, and rehabilitations, etc. Being a Guinness World Record holder is a great thing, and it holds an even bigger responsibility for us as a team and for future members.'