Longest survivor of an artificial double heart valve replacement (male)
Seth Wharton
30:361 year(s):day(s)
United States (LaVale)

The longest survivor of an artificial double heart valve replacement is Seth Wharton (USA, b. 9 July 1977), who received aortic and mitral valve replacements on 2 October 1990, and has had valves for 30 years and 361 days, as verified in LaVale, Maryland, on 28 September 2021.

Seth thought he might be a Guinness World Records title holder after contemplating his valve replacement. 'I just started thinking and wondering about it, because I knew I had had my heart valves for a long time.'

'Every day, by the scars on my chest, and the medicine I have to take reminds me of my heart condition. I believe in getting this, it will be a blessing to myself, my family, and the community. It would make me feel proud of my accomplishment and more purpose in what I went through as a child. I will want to use it for encouragement for others in my everyday life.'

Seth wants to show people that you can live a healthy life long after open-heart artifical double valve replacement surgery. 'People have said they cannot believe all I have been through by how healthy I look. People just can't believe it.'

"It would mean, a great honor to me. It would mean a great purpose to what I went through. It would mean a great tool to help bless and encourage others. To bring awareness to and possibly help raise support for others going through difficult situations. To be a testimony. Thankful to God for sparing my life and may He use it to bless others."