Longest running character portrayed by the same actor

Longest running character portrayed by the same actor
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Dame Edna Everage, Barry Humphries
66:62 year(s):day(s)
13 December 1955

As of 19 February 2022, Dame Edna Everage had been portrayed by comedian and Tony Award-winning actor Barry Humphries (Australia) for 66 years 62 days. Humphries created the role of the-then Mrs Everage in 1955 while on tour as an actor with Melbourne University's Union Theatre Repertory Company, and she made her first public appearance at the end of that year, on 19 December, in a sketch entitled “Olympic Hostess” in the UTRC revue show Return Fare. Now a "Dame", Everage has enjoyed a steady career on television, on stage and in the movies, and continues to perform, despite a number of retirement concerts. Her most recent public appearance was as a guest speaker at a dinner in Australia, in the presence of the country's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Dame Edna: The Royal Tour show won the Special Tony Award for a Live Theatrical Event in 2000.

GWR Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday surprised Humphries with his official certificate during a guest appearance on Saturday Kitchen Live (BBC/Cactus TV) in London, UK, on 2 April 2022.