Tallest free-standing soap bubble
Graeme Denton, aka Marty McBubble
10.750 metre(s)
Australia (Adelaide)

The tallest free-standing soap bubble measures 10.750 m (35 ft 3 in), and was achieved by Graeme Denton, aka Marty McBubble, (Australia) in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, on 30 September 2020.

Graeme previously held the record for Largest indoor free floating bubble but wanted to achieve a new Guinness World Records title. This record was broken with the help of Professor Matthew Roughan, who calculated the height of the bubble, and the assistance of Mr Frederick Wohlfeil, the second witness.

To make the bubble wand Graeme used a large plastic hoop attached to a long pole. Graeme's own secret bubble formula was added to a paddling pool which the hoop was then rested in and lifted up into the air steadily to produce the bubble tube. The bubble curves a little at the top, so that it can be sealed with a twist.