Longest distance rowed solo by an amputee
Lee "Frank" Spencer
3162 nautical mile(s)
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The longest solo row by a physically disabled person is 3,162 nautical miles (5,856 km; 3,639 miles) by Lee "Frank" Spencer (UK), who rowed the Atlantic east to west from Portimao in Portugal to Cayenne in French Guyana in 60 days 16 hours 6 minutes between 9 January and 11 March 2019 on board Rowing Marine. Spencer is a former Royal Marine who lost his right leg in a road-traffic accident while off duty in 2014

Lee is the first amputee – and first physically disabled person – to row an ocean solo, and also the fastest ever solo rower of any ability to cross from Europe to South America. The attempt was made to raise funds for the Royal Marines Charity and the Endeavour Fund, which supports wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans.