Most in-demand documentary TV show
Planet Earth
1.395 total number
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Planet Earth (BBC, UK; 2006) was the most popular documentary TV show in the world in 2019, according to data science firm Parrot Analytics, with a rating of 1.395 Demand Expressions per capita (DEx/c). Helmed by naturalist David Attenborough (UK), the acclaimed series was the BBC’s most expensive nature documentary.

David Attenborough has also enjoyed the longest career as a TV presenter.

Parrot Analytics has devised a system of “television content demand measurement” that quantifies how viewers are engaging with TV shows. It does so by analysing “Demand Expressions” worldwide – everything from video consumption (streaming/downloads) to social media (hashtags, liking, sharing) and research and commentary (reading or writing about shows, etc.). The more effort – i.e., time – invested by the viewer, the greater the weighting. The interest in a programme is assessed in terms of “Demand Expressions per capita” (DEx/c) – the overall average daily global audience engagement with a show per 100 people within a set time frame.

The data for this record covers the period 27 January 2019 to 26 January 2020.